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    Posted by Naughty Grl on Wednesday, January 20, 2016
  • 5 Fantastic Benefits of the Evolution of Online Boutiques

    Web designing and development firms have given a beautiful touch to the online market. This era will be known as the electronic commerce era because of the popularity of online businesses, online boutiques and their popularity among buyers. The beauty of the online market is its advantages to the buyers, such as the quality of saving time, money and energy. Working life is so hectic that online boutiques are the best creation for shopaholics.


    Top Five Reasons Why You Should Opt For Online Boutiques


    Better Prices

    Online boutiques offer lower prices than the ones that you will find at a physical store. The reason for this difference in the price is because many people make use of the internet to find cheaper clothes. The online business owners understand this aspect very well and so they reduce their profit margin in order to gain more customers for the business.


    The second reason is because you can browse through dozens of websites with ease to find the best price for the dress. Going through each and every dress in a mall will take you hours, so women would any day prefer opting for online shopping.



    The best part about shopping online is convenience. You don’t have to get dressed and drive miles to go to your favorite store. You can easily check out their latest collection by visiting their website. Select your dress and buy it online without getting out of your room. It’s also convenient because online market is open 24*7; all you need is an internet access.


    If you are working on odd hours or night shifts, then you probably would not have time to visit the stores. Shopping online allows you to buy dresses of your style without disturbing your schedule.


    A Large Collection

    Mostly physical stores posses a limited array of products because of the space limitation. They can only hold a certain quantity of clothes as there are many policies which are affecting the availability of the products. Shopping online allows you to find many products that you wouldn’t be able to find in a physical store.


    Fewer Traps

    Walk in stores are made to lure you into buying more and more things. They make use of interesting posters, catchy sales messages, beautiful color combination and tricky product placement to make you buy additional items. The most popular products that you are looking for are typically placed in the back because the owner wants you to look through the other products as well.


    These tactics are not used by the owners of online boutiques. There is a search tab on the website where you can put in the name of the product and you will only see the particular item that you are looking for.


    Discreet Shopping

    People face a little difficulty while shopping in physical stores because they get a few awkward stares when they pick up some unusual dress. This happens many times and it makes you feel embarrassed for no reason.


    Shopping from online boutiques gives you privacy because it will eliminate the stares. No one would ever know what you bought from the store. Online transactions are private and secured.


    These are a few secrets behind the success of online boutiques. It allows shopping at any time and place. Online boutiques give you various payment options. One of the best benefits of online shopping is that your clothes come right to your front door. Therefore, online shopping is one of the best innovations of this era.

  • The Style Guide For Body Shapes

    The clothes that suits you best will depend on your body shape. Nowadays, the choice of clothes is so varied that there's something that fits everyone no matter what color, proportion, scale, height or body shape they are.

    When it comes to looking beautiful, it's not always your size or shape that matters, it's the perfect fit of your clothes. Wear the right clothes and don't blindly follow the latest fashion trends and you are bound to stand out. Choose what actually suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

  • For Winter Outfits, There Is Just One Name – Naughty Grl Clothing!

    Naughty Grl Clothing: Ideal Winter Outfits For Romantic Dates And Rocking Concerts

    Winters are approaching and the fashionista in you might be sad, for the fact that it will not get an opportunity to try different stylish outfits but sweaters. Well, this is a myth and it needs to be broken. The fact is winter is the best season to break the routine and do some insane experimenting with looks. It is an obvious demand of dropping temperatures that you should be covered up from tip to toe. But there is much more flair and new things you can combine with your bundled look.


    Instead of settling down with the same pair of boots and a simple knit wear, think out of the box and upgrade your winter wardrobe with Naughty Grl clothing. Opt for more styling options like smoky Grey lurex sweater and combine it with a pair of back pocket shorts and tall boots. Winter trends run the whole gamut from casual and preppy to flirty and feminine. So you can pick one for an ideal make over.


    Picking an ideal outfit for your first date and that too in this chilly weather can be stressful enough. Don't worry you can go for every dress with several fashion tips. If want to stay warm on your coffee date then opt for classic bandage top and a matching sweater with a pair of skinny jeans or chic fringe skirts and tall boots.

    If you are planning for a date in middle of a lot of people grooving to party music, then capture attention of all with a pair of utility jumpsuits. Sexy and black jumpsuit from Naughty Grl clothing is a comfortable garment and you can dance also in that with your date. To look more different, try to accessorize your look with a large colorful ring or a wide headband.


    If you have made your mind to stick to conventional idea of dating that is restaurant, then wear a skirt with a crop top that accentuates your body shape properly. A long stunning coat will be a perfect option to keep you warm and stylish on your date.


    If you are single and an idea of date doesn't suit you but the idea of concert does, then you can go for a layered look. Yes layers of clothes, you can wear a cute shirt and then create one layer of small jacket on it and then last ideal layer could be of a hooded sweatshirt or a long sleeved shirt. If you are a band's fan and want to show them your dedication then wear their t-shirt and combine it with a jacket with pockets or a pair of floral shorts and a pair of socks with tall boots.


    Refer this style guide before you step out this winter to enjoy your date or a rock concert!


  • Flattering Cheap Maxi Dresses Online For Every Body Type

    Rock Long Cheap Maxi Dresses Online Even If You Are Petite

    You may just have wrapped up your Christmas or New Year Party. Now the party time is over and it’s time to head back to office. You now may be bored of wearing that sparkling designer garments and may want to go for a lighter yet stylish dresses. If you don't have any of that sort and want to try something new than cheap maxi dresses online are your pick.


    You must have seen your friends wearing different types of maxi dresses. Are you confused as to which of the maxi dresses will suit your body type? Then you have reached the right destination where you will find all the answers for questions related to maxi dresses. You may be having a mindset that maxi dresses are suitable for women with relatively more height. Well this is just the half truth. Women with varying body types can wear this fabulous piece of outfits.


    Women that have curvy figure can go for the fit and flare maxi dresses with bright sequins around the tummy region and ruffles in the sleeves. If you are not too tall, then you must be having some confusion about the suitability of long maxi dresses. You can combine floral maxi dresses with a pair of heels and get the look which you always wanted.


    Females with peer shape body can also wear a dark colored maxi dress by combining it with a light colored top. Girls who have athletic body always carry a thought that maxi dresses will make them look more boyish. But girls, this is not true column style maxis with narrow frames will make your athletic body look longer and leaner. For busty females, maxi with a V neck line or cap sleeves with thick straps are the most suitable one.


    You can wear maxi dresses on mostly every event whether it's your office or your friend's wedding. Floral printed maxi with a jeweled neck gives you a trendy look and a liberty to dance in ‘flowy’ outfit with your friends on a summer wedding. For a casual setting, you can go with a dark colored maxi or a classic pattern like a stripe. If you wish for a more professional look than pair your lengthy outfit with a pair of professional shoes like flats or a partial to pointier toe footwear. This is all you need for a special and a head turner look for every occasion you attend.


  • Online Boutiques For Women: To Add Timeless Elegance To Your Wardrobe

    Online Boutiques For Women: When Fashion Industry Influenced Online Shopping

    The ultimate busy schedules and fast paced lives have forced women of present world to master the art of multitasking. Work commitments, endless demands from children's side, management of household chores keep women engaged all throughout the day. Therefore, females are not able to find ample time for themselves.


    Present generation is beauty obsessed. It has become mandatory to look good and feel amazing in every walk of life. Clothes, jewelry, shoes and other accessories should match with each other and complement body curves of women. Visiting every retail store in the locality to find the best is a tiresome job and require lots of time. An online boutique for women acts like a savior for females in this situation.


    From an online boutique, you can effortlessly browse through a large collection of designer wear and order a stunning outfit at the comfort of your couch. Whether you want an effortless drama top to attend fun-filled party or bandage dresses for an official gathering, you will find it right here.


    There is no doubt in the fact that world of fashion is ever evolving. Designers keep getting inspired from different elements and are releasing beautiful line of outfits on a regular basis. They get inspired with culture of different countries or beautiful Mother Nature. The Internet is a big medium; an online boutique for women plays a major and effective role in spreading these apparels to a large set of people. Residents of different nations come to know about distinct cultural tales that are finely stitched in every thread of the garment from these online stores.


    It becomes a win-win situation where variety is combined with affordable costs. In an e-commerce store for apparels, you get different styles and patterns of fashionable clothes at a single place at reasonable prices. When you are exploring different online avenues for purchasing clothes, you can easily go through an endless list of websites. Thus, the comparison of costs and varieties becomes relatively easier than shopping in physical store. You end up getting the apparel of the season at a reasonable price.


    Physical stores create a trap for you by displaying discounted rate messages on colorful banners. Remember females, it is a tactic to lure you to purchase dozens of items that may be useless for you. In case of online boutique for women, the scenario is entirely different. You are not enticed with such messages and thereby you buy only the needed item and not anything extra.


    Another added advantage is that you are not levied with different types of hefty taxes. You just need to pay for the clothing material you have ordered. Another striking benefit is that you can enjoy shopping in privacy. It’s just you and your laptop or computer that is involved in online shopping. No one else is staring you and passing dirty looks when you are shopping lingerie.


    In a nut shell, an online boutique for women allows you to purchase whatever you like at an unimaginable comfort and convenience.

  • Cute Outfits For Teenage Girls: A Perfect Gift For Beautiful Teens

    Cute Outfits For Teenage Girls: To Adorn A Fantastic Look Ideally At Every Occasion

    Nowadays, as fashion is in the blood of every teenager, finding the right clothes has become a tedious task. The thing which adds the element of confusion is a wide assortment of clothing options available in the market.


    Whether you are a parent shopping for your daughter or a teenager, the scenario still remains same. Too much of options! Well, it is not a bad thing, but the bottom line here is, to look good you have to make a right selection. Choosing apparel that suits mood and atmosphere of the place is necessary. With too many choices, we know you are bound to get confused. Therefore, we have listed out some apparel along with the events where you can wear them.

    Cute navy bandage skirts:

    The technical definition of this type of apparel can be given as a body con dress that results when multiple thin strips of clothes are sewn together. Each and every individual strip is given a shape of bandage and hence the name. The body con dress is ideal attire for girls who are planning for a night out. These dresses are also available in length that is below the knees. This outfit can be worn by the teenage girls in college of countries having only summer season. The shorter version of this dress is trending among the cute teenage girls who want to accentuate their body shape.



    Romper suit may be known as the baby grow suit in the UK, but it is popular among the teenager too. Going to the fabrication aspect, these suits can be described as an ideal combination of shirts and skirts. In 1900's these clothes came in fashion for kids but for the adults, the time was 2006. Yes, in this year only rompers surfaced again and these apparels continue to remain in fashion till date. These are one of the cute outfits for teenage girls that provide a chic look. These dresses are very easy to wear suited for every body type. These dresses don't limit the movement of the wearer and give them a playful and comfy feel. Rompers are ideal apparel for a happening party on a beach or for a family dinner.


    There are many other options you can wear to look beautiful and amazing like a maxi dress is perfect for attending any summer wedding. Browse through our site; get the best apparel suiting your body type from different options and stand out from the crowd.

  • Go Naughty With A Long Elegant Affordable Maxi!

      Everywhere these days’ young women are seen in jeans and tops or tops and hot pants. There are still women who love skirts and maxi dresses are always popular...
  • Check out the NaughtyGrl video!

  • Welcome to the Naughty Grl Blog!


    Be Happy, Feel Crazy And Have Fun!

    Perhapes the most simple, and yet an amazing and dynamic combination, is when you pair a white top or shirt with blue or black denims. Whether it is a tank top, a strapps number, a tight shirt, or a full sleeve polo neck, it just looks fantastic! In fact, " white" being a universal shade can be paired with a myriad of bright and vibrant shades, with imparts an extremely stylish effect to the whole ensemble and also contrasts interestingly at times.

    Being Hip And Sexy

    The stylish white Outwear featured here has a lovely design that is both youthful and preppy. With a cropped style, which is unique the fashion these days, it lets you flaunt your toned midriff to perfection while the chain, instead of typical button up in front, adds just the right touch of chic, which looks stunning in this case. It basically combines the concept of a tee and shirt to create an unusual yet beautiful piece that you can wear to a causal gathering of friends or if you are getting ready to let your hair down on a night out.

    Look Hot At All Times

    Even though it has full sleeves, it is made using the finest of cotton, so it keeps you cool and comfortable - wear it for hours without feeling the least bit of discomfort. Moreover, the unique window pattern and embellishments from the shoulders all the way to the sleeves and sides prevent any unease whatsoever. No longer do you need to worry about feeling sweaty - we guarantee the Outwear will be just like secound skin!

    Be Outstanding

     The outfit looks gorgeous when worn with blue jeans, but it can be paired with shorts and skirts too. It works wonders for your body if you wear it with a mini skirt and set it off with chunky peeps toes or sleek tie-ups. If you are going for a beach party, then ripped, faded shorts is just what you need to complete the attire. Colors that look remarkable with white are black, blue, red, purple, orange, and deep pink.

     Naughty Grl brings out your inner wild child to have fun, be silly and let loose with fashion. Our contemporary line of clothing is meant to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences - we offer a one- stop hub with a versatile collection that we will keep upgrading and adding to, so we can continue to accommodate all your shopping needs. Brows, enjoy and shop to your heart's content.

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